Use NFT Express with Your Own Smart Contract
In its standard mode, NFT Express automatically uses Tatum’s smart contract to allow you to mint NFTs without cryptocurrencies.
However, you can also use NFT Express with your own smart contract by including a minter role.
This guide explains how to use NFT Express to mint NFTs on the following blockchains.
  • BNB Chain
  • Celo
  • Ethereum
  • Harmony
  • Klaytn
  • Polygon


Tatum plan

To mint NFTs, you need an API key with a paid Tatum plan. Visit the Tatum Dashboard to sign up for one.
For details about Tatum’s plans pricing and allowances, visit Pricing & Plans.

Minter role in your smart contract

To mint NFTs without crypto your smart contract MUST include a minter role. You can use any other compatible role system where the Tatum address is allowed to mint on.
​Add Tatum’s address as a minter role to your NFT smart contract.

Tatum JavaScript SDK (optional)

While you can use API calls directly, you can also install Tatum’s JavaScript SDK.
You must enter the API key in the environment variables in your IDE or into the header of the direct API request.
To use JavaScript, download and install the Tatum JavaScript SDK.

Mint NFTs without crypto

Once you have ensured that all prerequisites are met, use the following API call:
curl --location --request POST 'https://api-us-west1.tatum.io/v3/nft/mint/' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: cf5ad61b-40a3-4ac2-a72c-dab397e25e3e_100' \
--data-raw '{
"to": "0x4a08bf00f83e6ada9a243dbf04a51aae10f1526b",
"url": "ipfs://bafkreibiqkirqhb3c7evrezmbhrzeupky7exycgeqmqrylxlkngwcy2oe4",
"minter": "0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94",
"tokenId": "123123123",
"chain": "MATIC"
Required parameters:
  • chain The blockchain on which the NFT will be minted.
    The example above uses Polygon (MATIC).
  • to The recipient’s address to which the NFT will be sent.
  • url The URL of the metadata (image, audio, video, etc.) to be included in the NFT. For more information how to upload metadata to IPFS for free using Tatum, see Store Metadata to IPFS and Include It in an NFT.
  • contractAddress The address of your smart contract.
  • tokenId A unique ID number of the token being minted.
  • minter
    You must use Tatum’s minter address to ensure the gas fees are paid from your Tatum credit. Tatum’s minter address on the respective blockchain. Here are the blockchains and mainnet addresses:
    • BSC - 0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94
    • CELO - 0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94
    • ETH - 0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94
    • KLAY - 0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94
    • MATIC - 0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94
    • ONE - 0x49678AAB11E001eb3cB2cBD9aA96b36DC2461A94