Withdrawing Assets: Master Exchange Address

There are two withdrawal methods from a Virtual Account:

  • From each Virtual Account deposit address
  • From a Master Exchange Address

How to withdraw assets from a Master Exchange Address

  1. Store information about withdrawal
    1. Check the id of the Virtual Account, the available balance or the UTXO balance
    2. Decrease the amount and fees from the Virtual Account
    3. Prepare transaction to broadcast transfer to the blockchain
  2. Blockchain transfer
    1. Standard blockchain transfer from address to address
    2. Verify the result of the transfer
  3. Complete/Rollback
    1. IF blockchain transfer fails - rollback VA balance
    2. ELSE complete withdrawal


  1. User_A: VirtualAccount_A balance is 0 MATIC.
  2. User_A: DepositAddress_A connected to VirtualAccount_A receives 3 MATIC.
    1. VirtualAccount_A balance is now 3 MATIC.
  3. Exchange_Owner: Transfers 3 MATIC from DepositAddress_A to MasterExchangeAddress.
    1. This is a standard blockchain transfer via: Send MATIC from account to account
    2. VirtualAccount_A balance remains 3 MATIC.
  4. User_A: Withdraws and transfers 3 MATIC from VirtualAccount_A to VirtualAccount_B owned by User_B.
    1. Endpoint: Send payment
    2. VirtualAccount_A balance is now 0 MATIC.
    3. VirtualAccount_B balance is now 3 MATIC.
  5. User_B: Withdraws to transfer out 3 MATIC from VirtualAccount_B to an unrelated blockchain address.
    1. Exchange_Owner: Store withdrawal --> /v3/offchain/withdrawal
    2. Exchange_Owner: Standard blockchain transfer via: Send MATIC from account to account
    3. Exchange_Owner: Completes or Cancels the withdrawal
      1. Complete withdrawal --> /v3/offchain/withdrawal/{id}/{txId}
      2. Cancel withdrawal --> /v3/offchain/withdrawal/{id}