VA - Find all Deposit Addresses within an Account

Generally speaking, a Virtual Account may require one (1) single blockchain Deposit Address for an end user to make deposits from outside your Exchange or Application.

However, an Account can have more than one blockchain deposit address.

You can retrieve active blockchain deposit addresses within an Account via the following v3 REST API endpoint.

Example request:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'x-api-key: {YOUR_API_KEY}'
        "xpub": "tpubDE8GQ9vAXpwkp37PCCRUpCoeShpC4WiCcACxh8r3nnKjfRPRqw3w58EgkfNiBy1MaRqX1oAAxwAxauEUG7vWupSh5m15znGy7vE7aE6CWzb",
        "derivationKey": 1,
        "address": "mgSXLa5sJHvBpYTKZ62aW9z2YWQNTJ59Zm",
        "currency": "BTC"