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Exchange rates

Exchange rate submodule helps any web3 app developer to quickly query exchange rate of a crypto against more than 165 fiat currencies.
The exchange rate submodule offers a powerful feature that enables users to obtain real-time exchange rates for a wide range of cryptocurrencies against more than 165 fiat currencies (see the full list on Supported Fiat page) & more than 90 cryptocurrencies which you can find listed on Supported Crypto Currencies page. This functionality can added better onboarding experience to new crypto users to keep them up-to-date with the Transaction Value they are most comfortable to read in. With the exchange rate submodule, developers can easily integrate this capability into their applications without the need for extensive knowledge of individual exchange APIs or complex rate calculation algorithms. Tatum SDK simplifies the process by providing a streamlined interface to retrieve exchange rates, allowing developers to focus on building robust and innovative applications.
As a developer, the exchange rate submodule within our SDK offers you powerful capabilities to enhance your cryptocurrency applications. Here are the top three use cases you can get started building on:
  1. 1.
    Portfolio Integration: Easily integrate real-time portfolio tracking into your application. With the exchange rate submodule, you can fetch and display the current values of users' cryptocurrency holdings, providing them with a comprehensive view of their investments.
  2. 2.
    Seamless Currency Conversion: Simplify cryptocurrency-to-fiat conversions within your app. The exchange rate submodule allows you to retrieve accurate exchange rates, enabling users to convert cryptocurrencies seamlessly. Enhance the user experience by offering transparent and efficient currency conversion functionality.
  3. 3.
    Merchant Integration: Seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payment solutions for merchants. With the exchange rate submodule, you can fetch real-time exchange rates and display prices in users' preferred fiat currencies. Empower merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments with confidence and streamline transactions for their customers.
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