Lost Mnemonics and or PrivateKeys

One of the fundamental aspects of ensuring your assets' security is managing your mnemonics and private keys.


The responsibility of keeping your mnemonics and private keys secure rests solely with you, the User.

Best Practices for Managing Mnemonics and Private Keys

1. No Storage by Tatum

Tatum does not store mnemonics and or private keys. This means you are solely responsible for keeping them safe and ensuring you can retrieve access to them. If you lose them, Tatum cannot help you. This applies to all Tatum users, universally and by design.

Contacting Support or any other Tatum staff member about lost Mnemonics and or PrivateKeys will not result in a different answer. Tatum cannot help you.


No legitimate Tatum staff member will ever ask for your mnemonics or private keys. If someone does, it is likely a scam attempt, and you should report it immediately.

2. Confidentiality

Always keep your mnemonics and private keys confidential and secure. Sharing this information can lead to the loss of your funds.

3. Avoid Sharing

Never share your mnemonics or private keys with anyone. This includes friends, family, and Tatum staff.

4. Use Cold Storage

For long-term storage of significant amounts of assets, use cold storage solutions. These are offline wallets that provide an additional layer of security.

5. Regular Checks

Periodically check the security of your storage methods to ensure they remain robust against potential threats.