TRON - Unable to find account

You may encounter the following error tron.account.not.found when you try to get the balance from a TRON address that has some tokens, like for example USDT. Getting this error, or similar, is related to an "inactive account".


The affected TRON blockchain address requires getting a deposit of TRX or TRC-10 to activate the address on the TRON network. Additional information is available via TRON documentation at the following link.

Error Example:

    "statusCode": 403,
    "errorCode": "tron.account.not.found",
    "message": "No such account for address: <address>"

How to activate the address

  • Send any amount of TRX or TRC-10 tokens from an existing account to the new account.
  • Call Java-tron's [wallet/createaccount] API to create a transaction from an existing account, then sign the transaction and broadcast it to the TRON network.