Blockchain Abstraction

The Blockchain Abstraction aims to enable you as a developer to provide a chain less experience to users of your applications.

You can use Blockchain Abstraction features to achieve things like:

  • Wallet-less experience (users never know they have a wallet or interaction with blockchain):
    • You hold their keys via Key Management System (KMS)
    • Tatum holds the keys and you can export as you need (Custodial)
  • Gas-less experience where you can pay the gas costs for your users (Gas Pump)
  • Minting NFTs for your users and transferring them to wallets or wallet-less (see KMS above) (NFT Express)
  • Transaction Simulation where users can see what change a transaction could bring to their balance (Transaction Simulator).
  • OffChain - OnChain synced ledger to enable high volume Micro transactions which are settled in 1 transaction for onramp & 1 for offramp to save time and gas. (Virtual Accounts).