Mnemonic Derivation Path

In blockchain technology, the Derivation path is a critical element of a wallet structure. The Derivation Path determines how exactly a wallet generates the XPUB, addresses, and Private Keys.

To generate the expected Blockchain Addresses and Private Keys, the Derivation Path must match 1:1. Blockchain Addresses generated via other services external to the Tatum API and or KMS may or may not match the expected Derivation Path. For example, Wallet services like MetaMask use a different derivation path.


Tatum wallets use specific Mnemonic derivation paths per chain. These derivation paths are the same for API, SDKs, and KMS.

Tatum Mnemonic Derivation Paths

  BTC: "m/44'/0'/0'/0", //SegWit (starts with a "bc1q")
  LTC: "m/44'/2'/0'/0",
  ETH: "m/44'/60'/0'/0",
  DOGE: "m/44'/3'/0'/0",
  CELO: "m/44'/52752'/0'/0",
  POLYGON: "m/44'/966'/0'/0",
  KCS: "m/44'/60'/0'/0",
  HARMONY: "m/44'/1023'/0'/0",
  KLAY: "m/44'/8217'/0'/0",
  BSC: "m/44'/60'/0'/0",
  BCH: "m/44'/145'/0'/0",
  TRON: "m/44'/195'/0'/0",
  EGLD: "m/44'/508'/0'/0'",
  ALGO: '@TODO - TBD',
  ADA: "m/1852'/1815'/0'",
  FLOW: "m/44'/539'/0'/0",
  NEO: "m/44'/888'/0'/0",
  SOL: "m/44'/501'/0'/0'",
  VET: "m/44'/818'/0'/0",
  XDC: "m/44'/550'/0'/0",
  XLM: "m/44'/148'/0'",
  XRP: "m/44'/144'/0'/0",
  BNB: "m/44'/714'/0'/0",



Additional information is available at the following link.