VA - TRON withdrawal error: offchain.tron.tx.failed

When attempting to make a withdrawal from a TRON-based Virtual Account, holding TRX, TRC-10, or TRC-20 (like USDT), you may face the following error or similar:

     "statusCode": 403,
     "errorCode": "offchain.tron.tx.failed",
     "message": "Unable to prepare transaction.",
     "cause": "class org.tron.core.exception.ContractValidateException : Validate TransferContract error, no OwnerAccount."

Steps to troubleshoot

  • Make sure the address has been activated. This means that it holds some TRX - This is a TRON network requirement.
  • Make sure the Private key used to sign the transaction matches the deposit address from the sender's Virtual Account.
  • Make sure there's enough balance in the address, be TRX, or in the case of TRC-10 or TRC-20, additional TRX to pay for the fees.