Access Kadena testnet tokens directly from our platform through the newly implemented Kadena Faucet on the dashboard. This feature is designed to support your testing and development activities, providing you with the resources you need to explore and innovate with Kadena's blockchain technology. Easily obtain test tokens to facilitate your integration and ensure a seamless development experience.

Get Testnet Kadena

We have released a fix for our Solana notifications, where for Address Event type notifications you will receive two notifications.

Example Notification:

  "_id": {
    "$oid": "6666d9529abae39d16877ced"
  "type": "ADDRESS_EVENT",
  "attr": {
    "chain": "SOL",
    "url": "",
    "address": "CUAkqR6WKhvGaqf4hJYeUo2YhEsGL46RZGg7BFRJx6vP"
  "scheme": "665d852711c8849351363200",
  "location": "DE-HE"

You will receive the following webhooks:

  1. One for the amount of the transaction
  "address": "CUAkqR6WKhvGaqf4hJYeUo2YhEsGL46RZGg7BFRJx6vP",  
  "type": "native",  
  "txId": "f1nZdcUnB2VRrmJ6u4wZN79APYdPxktQdEGj49fiR6LV6w4HA4puYyqQCYWWHvFLNLWos75KEqRi7yMZ8R6bohX",  
  "blockNumber": 303689174,  
  "asset": "SOL",  
  "amount": "-0.0001",  
  "subscriptionType": "ADDRESS_EVENT",  
  "chain": "solana-devnet"  
  1. Another for the fee of the transaction.
     "address": "CUAkqR6WKhvGaqf4hJYeUo2YhEsGL46RZGg7BFRJx6vP",  
     "type": "fee",  
     "txId": "f1nZdcUnB2VRrmJ6u4wZN79APYdPxktQdEGj49fiR6LV6w4HA4puYyqQCYWWHvFLNLWos75KEqRi7yMZ8R6bohX",  
     "blockNumber": 303689174,  
     "asset": "SOL",  
     "amount": "-0.000005",  
     "subscriptionType": "ADDRESS_EVENT",  
     "chain": "solana-devnet"  

We have released a fix for our Solana notifications, where they include the chain parameter.

Moving forward, you can expect the Solana notifications to include for:

  • Mainnet:"chain" : "solana-mainnet"
  • Testnet: "chain" : "solana-devnet"

Example Solana webhook with chain parameter:

  "address": "CUAkqR6WKhvGaqf4hJYeUo2YhEsGL46RZGg7BFRJx6vP",  
  "type": "native",  
  "txId": "f1nZdcUnB2VRrmJ6u4wZN79APYdPxktQdEGj49fiR6LV6w4HA4puYyqQCYWWHvFLNLWos75KEqRi7yMZ8R6bohX",  
  "blockNumber": 303689174,  
  "asset": "SOL",  
  "amount": "-0.0001",  
  "subscriptionType": "ADDRESS_EVENT",  
  "chain": "solana-devnet"   //new parameter after the fix

We are thrilled to announce that Tatum has extended its support to include the Polygon Amoy Testnet, which has replaced the Mumbai Testnet after its EOL on April 8th. This update ensures that developers have access to the latest and most robust testing environment, providing a more stable and feature-rich platform for blockchain development and testing.

Transition Timeline

The transition to Amoy Testnet will occur in phases, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing development projects:

Phase 1 (Done) - RPC Product: Amoy RPC Nodes are now available, allowing developers to start integrating and testing on the new network.
Phase 2 (Done) - Data API, Notifications : We now support the Data API Features Listed here and Notifications Listed here for Amoy Testnet.
Phase 3 (In Progress) - VA, KMS : Amoy Testnet Support for Features Like VA & KMS will be enabled by 30th of May 2024, Keep an Eye in our Discord and in changelog here to be updated as soon as we release it.

Support and Documentation

To assist with the transition, we have updated our documentation to include comprehensive guides and best practices for migrating to Amoy Testnet. Our support team is also available to help with any questions or issues that may arise during the migration process.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance our platform and provide the best possible tools for your blockchain development needs. πŸš€

We’re taking extra steps to ensure that the Tatum platform is as secure and reliable as it can possibly be. As part of this mission, and to ensure fair usage of our platform so that every developer can build reliably without service interruptions, we have updated our free plan limits to 1M credits per month.

All free API key users have been automatically assigned new API keys that you can find in the dashboard.


Old Free API keys will continue working until July 1st, but we recommend updating them now to avoid service interruptions.

What you now get in your free account:

  1. Advanced analytics and a clear overview of your credit usage to date.
  2. RPC nodes that far exceed industry benchmarks for speed
  3. Updated credit limits to 1M credits per month. See all Tatum plans to extend it.

Anonymous users are limited to 10,000 credits per month.

More information about our different plans, their included credits and rate limits can be found in Plans & Limits.

We are excited to announce several significant improvements to our Data API. These updates have been implemented to enhance performance and reliability across various endpoints. Below is a detailed comparison of response times between the old and new solutions:

Endpoint Performance Comparison

EndpointAvg. Response Time - Old Solution (ms)Avg. Response Time - New Solution (ms)Diff. (ms)Diff. (%)
Get tokens from collection7.797.73-0.06-2.7%
Get owners806-74-92.5%
Get tx by hash3313-20-60.61%
Get tx by contractAddress24,700127-24,573-99.49%
Get tx by address28,700326-28,374-98.86%
Get tx by block120,00055-119,945-99.95%
Get blocks8060-20-25%
Get events400410+10+2.5%
Get balance11015-95-86.36%

Note: We continue to monitor our internal services and are constantly improving the response times further more, expect another announcement soon. 😎


Dramatic Reductions in Response Times: Most endpoints have seen substantial improvements, with some, like GetTxByContractAddress and GetTxByBlock, experiencing reductions of over 99%, leading to much faster data retrieval.
Optimized GetOwners Endpoint: This endpoint now performs 92.5% faster, significantly improving efficiency.
Enhanced Balance Retrieval: The GetBalance endpoint is now 86.36% faster, enabling quicker access to balance information.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new Developer Playground inside our Dashboard! This feature is designed to make it easier than ever for developers to get up and running with our API/SDK. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, you'll find our playground an invaluable resource to test, explore, and implement our API seamlessly.

Jump right into coding with pre-configured examples in React, Vanilla JavaScript, and TypeScript. These examples provide a practical and straightforward way to see our API in action.

We're excited to announce significant enhancements to our Fee Estimation system! Our latest update introduces a more dynamic approach to handling transaction fees, especially designed to adapt to varying network conditions.

  • Adaptive Fee Estimations: Our system now better recognises network congestion, adjusting fees accordingly to maximize the likelihood of your transactions being processed smoothly.
  • Uninterrupted Performance: These improvements are designed to work seamlessly, ensuring that standard transaction activities remain unaffected, even during periods of high traffic.

You can enjoy a more reliable transaction experience on our platform, even during busy times.

We're thrilled to announce several exciting updates to our Payments & Billing system that make managing your subscriptions and payments easier and more flexible than ever!

  • Yearly Subscriptions: By popular demand, Tatum now offers the option for Yearly Subscriptions, allowing you to enjoy our services with even more convenience and savings.


Get ready for the bull market with a special yearly offer!

$39 $25 / month for a year
Upgrade plan

  • Invoice Management: Whenever a new invoice is generated, we'll share it directly with you as a PDF attachment via email, ensuring you always have easy access to billing documents.
  • Payment Methods: We've broadened payment options to include WeChat Pay, Link, Cash App Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay - providing a wide range of choices to manage payments effortlessly.

You can check and update your plan details and billing here on dashboard.