Release v3.7.8, 2021/06/14

Release v3.7.7, 2021/06/04

  • Added BETA support for XinFin blockchain

    • Blockchain capabilities

    • Ledger + off-chain capabilities

    • ERC-20 token capabilities

  • Added BETA support for ERC-1155 - MultiToken

    • Possibility to create tokens on ETH, CELO, and BSC

Release v3.7.6, 2021/05/28

Release v3.7.5, 2021/05/21

Release v3.7.4, 2021/05/20

Release v3.7.3, 2021/05/18

Release v3.7.2, 2021/05/14

Release v3.7.1, 2021/05/12

  • Added BETA support for FLOW and FUSD on blockchain and ledger => it's possible to create accounts, generate deposit addresses, etc.

Release v3.7.0, 2021/05/09

  • Added BETA support for CELO, CUSD, and CEUR in ledger => it's possible to create accounts, generate deposit addresses, etc.

Release v3.6.8, 2021/05/03

Release v3.6.7, 2021/05/01

Release v3.6.6, 2021/04/30

  • BETA support for NFT Royalties - It's possible to create an NFT token, where the author is able to get paid royalty cashback in form of native blockchain asset with every transfer of that token. -

  • Support for CELO cEUR stable coin

Release v3.6.5, 2021/04/27

Release v3.6.4, 2021/04/25

Release v3.6.3, 2021/04/23

Release v3.6.2, 2021/04/21

Release v3.6.1, 2021/04/19

  • Add support for Tatum KMS transaction to leverage mnemonic-based signatureId for BSC, ETH, CELO, and NFT endpoints - Tatum KMS 3.0.2 required

Release v3.6.0, 2021/04/16

  • Support for spending SegWit transactions for BTC, LTC and DOGE

  • This is a breaking change for Tatum JS lib - update to 1.10.x and Tatum KMS - update to 3.0.0

Release v3.5.7, 2021/04/09

Release v3.5.6, 2021/03/31

Release v3.5.5, 2021/03/23

Release v3.5.4, 2021/03/18

Release v3.5.3, 2021/03/16

Release v3.5.2, 2021/03/15

Release v3.5.1, 2021/03/10

Release v3.5.0, 2021/03/05

Release v3.4.9, 2021/03/02

  • Fix bug in Stellar XLM off-chain - createAccount operation type with memo was not credited to the ledger account.

Release v3.4.8, 2021/02/23

Release v3.4.7, 2021/02/22

Release v3.4.6, 2021/02/19

Release v3.4.5, 2021/02/18

Release v3.4.4, 2021/02/15

  • Obtain the list of internal transactions for the Ethereum address

Release v3.4.3, 2021/02/14

  • Ledger transaction filtering enhancements

Release v3.4.2, 2021/02/12

Release v3.4.1, 2021/02/09

Release v3.4.0, 2021/01/21

Official Tron and TRC-10/TRC-20 release

  • Tron blockchain endpoints

  • Tron off-chain support

  • Tron KMS support

  • Rename operation in API Reference Create new ERC20 token to Register new ERC20 token in the ledger

  • small bug fixes and minor improvements