Multi tokens (ERC-1155) name and symbol

By definition, name and symbol found in the ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards are not available.


The name function (for human-readable asset names, on-chain) was removed from the standard to allow the Metadata JSON to be the definitive asset name and reduce duplication of data.


The symbol function was not included since creators did not believe this is a globally useful piece of data to identify a generic virtual item/asset and is also prone to collisions. Short-hand symbols are used in tickers and currency trading, but they aren’t as useful outside of that space.


Find additional information ar the following link.

Good to know

To get name and symbol, you need to deploy and use your own smart contract via the following endpoint.

The mentioned endpoint contains the parameter URI on which you will be able to enter an IPFS URL from an uploaded *.json file in the same way you would do when minting an ERC-712 NFT.


//Endpoint: /v3/multitoken/deploy, where:

"uri": "https://bafkreiebg3ugqtumak2ueyf2j2sbggt47hxjvbozkxbgyssebufmbgp3fa",