Compromised Assets - Exposed Mnemonics and PrivateKeys

This article covers what to do when or if you suspect you were hacked or your Mnemonics and or PrivateKeys were exposed. By following the steps outlined below, you can take the necessary steps to prevent further damage and protect yourself from future incidents


1. Prevent further damage

If you were hacked or suspect you were, got some assets or all your assets stolen, take immediate steps to prevent further damage. This includes but it's not limited to changing your passwords and transferring all your assets to a secure cold wallet.

2. Contact the Police/Local Authorities

The next step is to immediately contact the police or local authorities. They can help you file a report and investigate the incident.

3. Contact Tatum Support team

After you have contacted the police or your local authorities, the next step is to contact our support team. Send us a ticket via the following Ticket Submission Form. Alternatively, you can send us an email via: [email protected]


Include a step-by-step reproduction of the possible hack. We require this information to better assess the best next steps.

4. Tatum will collaborate with the Police/Local Authorities

We will closely work together with the authorities to help out with the investigation.

Discharge of Responsibility

You must keep your privateKey(s) and mnemonics/seed phrases confidential and secure at all times. Sharing this information with anyone can result in serious consequences such as the loss of your funds. Your private keys and mnemonics give full access to your funds, and once they are shared, you lose control over your assets.

No legitimate Tatum staff member will ever ask for your private keys or mnemonics. If you are asked for this information, it is most likely a scam attempt and you should immediately report it. Your security is of the utmost importance, and we highly encourage you to never share your private keys or mnemonics with anyone, under any circumstances.


It is your responsibility to safeguard your Private Keys and mnemonics/seed phrases and protect them from unauthorized access.