VA - Generating a Deposit Address: Introduction

Once an End User Virtual Account is created, it is not yet synchronized with the blockchain. There is no blockchain address connected to it acting as a Deposit Address, but just the XPUB from your Master Exchange Wallet.


1. Generate a Wallet

  • This step should have been done while Setting up your Exchange or Application.
  • Example request:
    curl --location --request GET '' \
    --header 'x-api-key: {YOUR_API_KEY}'
        "mnemonic": "method main swing charge hero theory eyebrow myself movie series silent camp proof tortoise electric rabbit good clip process always expect chase adult fee",
        "xpub": "tpubDFRtR6DexBRjtJAfGYMaLnNWRwz7h5pNXu8rX4wcYuH6xeXncMcTqPnUVqk8d86DmUHJeWJBxhK6vhFHMQr4eZhHkQvKxXYtgYKPPMjKwer"

2. Create a Virtual Account (XPUB-based)

3. Generate a deposit address for a Virtual Account (XPUB-based)

  • v3 REST API endpoint
  • Example request:
    The XPUB will be taken from the Virtual_Account_ID. The Deposit Address will be generated by adding +1 to the "index", as seen in the response as "derivationKey"
curl --location --request POST '{Virtual_Account_ID}/address' \
--header 'x-api-key: {testnet_API_KEY}'
// Response
    "xpub": "tpubDFRtR6DexBRjtJAfGYMaLnNWRwz7h5pNXu8rX4wcYuH6xeXncMcTqPnUVqk8d86DmUHJeWJBxhK6vhFHMQr4eZhHkQvKxXYtgYKPPMjKwer",
    "derivationKey": 1, //By default, it starts with index == 1, Index == 0 is reserved to act as a ChangeAddress when transferring out.
    "address": "tb1q2m35yvwlvrt4glqmlakepdd2jdanpe6nmc7wek", //This is the address your end user can use to deposit assets from outisde your Exchange or Application
    "currency": "BTC"

4. The result is a blockchain address that has been connected to the VA

  • Any incoming blockchain transaction to this address, which matches with the "currency" of the VA will be automatically synchronized to the ledger.

Good to Know

  • Be mindful of Tatum Derivation Path.
  • Deposits are only recognized as long as the "currency" of the VA matches with the asset deposited


Never share your mnemonic(s) and/or private key(s) with anyone. It is your responsibility to keep this information safe.