RPC - Troubleshooting RPC requests and Tatum

Tatum provides access to various blockchains via RPC nodes, enabling developers and businesses to interact with the blockchain network. Our services are oriented to ensure that our nodes are up-to-date and accessible, allowing for smooth integration and operation within the blockchain ecosystem.

Limitations of Tatum's Control

There are important limitations to our control and responsibility:

  • Blockchain Source Code
    Tatum does not own or control the source code of any blockchain. Each blockchain operates based on its own protocols and updates, which are managed by their respective development communities.
  • Blockchain Behavior
    Tatum has no control over the behavior of the blockchain networks. Issues such as network congestion, transaction delays, and unexpected changes are inherent to the decentralized nature of blockchains and are beyond our influence.

Scope of Tatum's Troubleshooting

Tatum staff generally do not troubleshoot individual RPC requests unless the issue is strictly related to our infrastructure.

Here's a breakdown of what this means:

  • Infrastructure-Related Issues
    If there is a problem with our RPC nodes or any part of the Tatum infrastructure, we will address and resolve it. Examples include downtime, connectivity issues, or performance degradation of our nodes.
    For issues or concerns strictly related to Tatum's infrastructure, our support team is here to help.
  • Non-Infrastructure-Related Issues
    Issues stemming from the blockchain itself, such as network errors, invalid transactions, or changes in the blockchain protocol, are outside of Tatum's purview.


For specifics on troubleshooting RPC requests, we recommend reaching out to Chain Consortium's Developer docs and leveraging their community resources.

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