Replacement Transaction Underpriced

Error 403 - Unable to broadcast transaction

When attempting to broadcast an EVM chain transaction, you may face an error looking as follows or similar:

  "response": {
    "statusCode": 403,
    "errorCode": "###.broadcast.failed",
    "message": "Unable to broadcast transaction.",
    "cause": "replacement transaction underpriced [-32000]"

This error means that the blockchain has flagged your transaction broadcast as an attempt to replace another transaction present in the mempool (unconfirmed).

If you are broadcasting EVM transactions in rapid succession (high volume production environment), Tatum's automatic "nonce" calculation won't be fast enough. Find more about the "nonce" value in the following article.


You will need to keep track of the "nonce" value, per address, and manually add this parameter of your blockchain transfer payloads.