About "address" and "counterAddress" on EVM

In the current implementation, notifications for EVM chains (like Ethereum) return the parameters address and counterAddressas well as amount with some particularities.


  1. If "amount" is positive, "address" is the receiver
  2. If "amount" is negative, "address" is the sender

Outgoing Notifications

"address" = "from"
"counterAddress" = "to"

Incoming Notifications

"address" = "to"
"counterAddress" = "from"

Example notification

For this example, the User has a subscription_ID associated with the following address: 0x80b369e41e8a9f2c6e181fdf906e0a6073fa0a95.

	"address": "0x279b470171436383932e0ebf93ed0f71245b4ee8",
	"amount": "0.004",
	"asset": "MATIC",
	"blockNumber": 7355450,
	"counterAddress": "0x80b369e41e8a9f2c6e181fdf906e0a6073fa0a95",
	"txId": "0x3d7f7c14ace5d60fdca0aa3616fc311b7d47ecc0d066c05f306bb814a98cb210",
	"type": "native",
	"chain": "polygon-amoy",
	"subscriptionType": "ADDRESS_EVENT"


Future improvements to notifications will deprecate the current behavior. The response will instead use "from" and "to" fields.