VA - Withdrawal Delete and Register

Deleting a VA Withdrawal

With the Virtual Account ledger, it is possible to delete a withdrawal stuck with the status "InProgress". You can do so the following - v3 REST API endpoint.

Example request:

curl --request DELETE \
     --url '{Withdrawal_ID}?revert=true' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'x-api-key: [API_KEY]'

Good to know:

  • Deleting a withdrawal from the VA ledger to the blockchain should only be done when the associated blockchain transaction failed and/or it was dropped from the mempool.
  • When deleting a withdrawal, be mindful of the optional parameter "revert"
    Defines IF the fee should be reverted to the account balance as well as with the amount. Defaults is true.
    Revert == true would be typically used when withdrawal was not broadcast to the blockchain.
    Revert == false is used usually for Ethereum based currencies when gas was consumed but transaction was reverted.
  • Deleting a withdrawal successfully processed by the blockchain will likely break your Virtual Account ledger. To fix this accounting issue, you will have to register the withdrawal again.

How to register a deleted Virtual Account withdrawal

  1. Use "StoreWithdrawal" - v3 REST API endpoint.
  2. Use "CompleteWithdrawal" - v3 REST API endpoint.


Make sure the asset amount, fee and any other parameters match with the intended values as seen in the blockchain as well as the Virtual Account ledger.


On-chain balance has prevalence over the VA ledger balance. Balance desync on a VA ledger can be "fixed". On-chain operations are permanent and non-reversible.

We strongly encourage developers to implement redundant on-chain balance checks in their environment:

  1. After each deposit.
  2. Before executing any withdrawal from a VA ledger to the blockchain.


It is the responsability of the user to ensure on-chain balance liquidity.