Supported types and blockchain networks

Tatum supports various types of notifications on a chain, which are designed to cover a wide range of blockchain events. These are the notifications types we offer:

Incoming Transaction Notifications πŸ“­

Outgoing Transaction Notifications ✈️

Special Abstraction Notifications πŸ””

  • Address Events
    when a user either receives or sends any token to any address on blockchain.
  • Paid Fee
    when a fee is paid as part of a transaction involving a specific address.
  • Failed Transactions in a Block
    when a block containing failed transactions is detected. This notification can be useful for monitoring and analysing failed transactions within specific blocks.
  • Contract Address Log Event
    allows you to monitor specific custom log events of a smart contract.

These notification types allow users to monitor a wide range of events on the blockchain, enabling them to build responsive and efficient applications.

Blockchain protocols you can work with


Every type of notification has its own guide, where all the supported blockchain for that type is mentioned.

Each of the notification types provided by Tatum can be used across various blockchains, depending on the blockchain family. These families include

  1. UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) chains:
    1. Bitcoin
    2. Bitcoin Cash
    3. Dogecoin
    4. Litecoin
  2. EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains:
    1. Avalanche
    2. Base
    3. Binance Smart Chain
    4. Cronos
    5. Celo
    6. Chilliz
    7. Ethereum
    8. Flare
    9. Horizen EON
    10. Klaytn
    11. Polygon
  3. Other Blockchains:
    1. Tezos
    2. Tron
    3. Solana
    4. XRP

By offering compatibility with different blockchain families, Tatum ensures that users can effectively monitor and respond to a diverse range of events, irrespective of the underlying blockchain technology