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Allows you to request and get testnet tokens from our faucets, directly from our SDK.


A crypto faucet is nothing more than a website that awards users token sums of cryptocurrency, usually in exchange for performing easy tasks. For example for Sepolia testnet, one of the great examples include the Tatum faucets.
The Faucets submodule is designed to facilitate the acquisition of testnet tokens from various blockchain faucets. This tool is essential for developers and testers who require testnet tokens to explore and validate blockchain functionalities in a risk-free environment. By leveraging the Faucets submodule, users can effortlessly request tokens from supported faucets, accelerating the testing and development process.
Note : You can request testnet tokens only once every 24 hours.

Use Cases

Development and Testing

  • Smart Contract Testing: Execute smart contract tests by leveraging testnet tokens to simulate different scenarios.
  • DApp Development: Fuel your decentralized application (DApp) development by ensuring a constant supply of testnet tokens for testing purposes.

Supported Chains

  • Ethereum Sepolia
  • Ethereum Holesky
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Horizen Gobi Testnet
  • Celo Alfajores Testnet
  • BSC Testnet (or BNB Smart Chain Testnet)
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