This article is no longer maintained.
For the API updates after v3.10.0, see What's New.

  • Added the ability to mint NFTs for Solana and Algorand using NFT Express
  • Improved error messages:
    • A blockchain error now returns a blockchain-specific error message instead of a general error message.
    • For the RPC API calls, error messages now indicate whether the error occurred on the blockchain node or on the Tatum API.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in the underlying processes

  • Added support for Terra Luna (virtual accounts)
    • Added a new subscription type - ADDRESS_TRANSACTION - for monitoring each transaction on each token on the specified addresses for TRON
    • Added alpha version of managed wallets in section Custody, allows to work with managed blockchain addresses without having its private key.
    • Added support for BSC notifications

  • Added support for Klaytn****
    • Virtual accounts,
    • Notifications
    • ERC20/721/1155 features, Gas pump wallets, NFT Auctions and marketplaces
  • Added ability to plug in any NFT contract and mint the NFTs while Tatum will cover the minting cost - NFT Express****

  • Add a new subscription type - ADDRESS_TRANSACTION - for monitoring each transaction on each token on the specified addresses
    • Bitcoin, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Bitcoin Cash, Solana, Celo, Ethereum, Polygon

  • Added support for public mint in NFTs and MultiToken(ERC-1155)
  • Added support for new NFT / MultiToken data APIs
  • Added support for custodial wallets on XDC and Harmony.ONE
  • Breaking change - NFT Marketplace and Auction are able to support royalties in percentages / fixed price in native asset and any ERC-20 asset - migration guide available​

  • Added support for Solana in BETA
    • It's possible to send SOL between accounts
    • It's possible to mint and transfer NFTs​
    • It's possible to access the native node JSON RPC
    • It's possible to generate wallets and read blockchain information

  • Added support for Algorand in BETA
  • Added support for NFT Auction / NFT Marketplace to bid on behalf of someone else for ERC20-based auctions listings
  • Return X-Current-Block HTTP Header for specified blockchain endpoints - BTC, LTC,DOGE,BCASH, ETH,MATIC,BSC,ONE,XDC,CELO

  • Flow - prepare infrastructure for projects to automatically handle proposer keys
  • Flow - pay for the transaction cost on behalf of the customer
  • Tatum KMS v 3.5.0 - sign only those transactions, which KMS has signatures for - allows a parallel run of Tatum KMS for different wallets

  • Added support for Elrond Blockchain in BETA

  • Added BETA support for Cardano​
    • Blockchain capabilities
    • Ledger + off-chain capabilities
    • Tatum KMS v3.2.5 required
  • Added BETA support for Qtum​
    • Blockchain capabilities - read-only operations

  • Added BETA support for Polygon​
    • Blockchain capabilities
    • Ledger + off-chain capabilities
    • ERC-20, NFT (ERC-721), and MultiToken (ERC-1155) capabilities
    • Tatum KMS v3.2.4 required

  • Added BETA support for IPFS file storage
    • It's possible to store data directly on the IPFS
    • It's possible to read data from the IPFS

  • Added BETA support for Harmony.ONE​
    • Blockchain capabilities
    • Ledger + off-chain capabilities
    • ERC-20, NFT (ERC-721), and MultiToken (ERC-1155) capabilities
  • Added support for Future trading in OrderBook​
  • Added formatting of addresses to Base58 format in the transaction for TRON

  • Added BETA support for The XDC Network​
    • ​Blockchain capabilities
    • Ledger + off-chain capabilities
    • ERC-20 token capabilities
  • Added BETA support for ERC-1155 - MultiToken​
    • Possibility to create tokens on ETH, CELO, and BSC

  • Added support for NFT tokens on FLOW - tag/NFT-%28ERC-721-or-compatible%29/​
    • TESTNET only
    • Still in BETA and under review of DapperLabs - might change in the future
    • Special guide for FLOW NFTs TBD

  • Added BETA support for FLOW and FUSD on blockchain and ledger => it's possible to create accounts, generate deposit addresses, etc.

  • Added BETA support for CELO, CUSD, and CEUR in ledger => it's possible to create accounts, generate deposit addresses, etc.

  • Add support for Tatum KMS transaction to leverage mnemonic-based signatureId for BSC, ETH, CELO, and NFT endpoints - Tatum KMS 3.0.2 required

  • Support for spending SegWit transactions for BTC, LTC and DOGE
  • This is a breaking change for Tatum JS lib - update to 1.10.x and Tatum KMS - update to 3.0.0

  • Fix bug in Stellar XLM off-chain - createAccount operation type with memo was not credited to the ledger account.

  • Obtain the list of internal transactions for the Ethereum address

  • Ledger transaction filtering enhancements

Official Tron and TRC-10/TRC-20 release
  • Tron blockchain endpoints
  • Tron off-chain support
  • Tron KMS support
  • Rename operation in API Reference Create new ERC20 token to Register new ERC20 token in the ledger****
  • small bug fixes and minor improvements
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