Expanded Payments & Billing Options with Yearly Subscriptions

We're thrilled to announce several exciting updates to our Payments & Billing system that make managing your subscriptions and payments easier and more flexible than ever!

  • Yearly Subscriptions: By popular demand, Tatum now offers the option for Yearly Subscriptions, allowing you to enjoy our services with even more convenience and savings.


Get ready for the bull market with a special yearly offer!

$39 $25 / month for a year
Upgrade plan

  • Invoice Management: Whenever a new invoice is generated, we'll share it directly with you as a PDF attachment via email, ensuring you always have easy access to billing documents.
  • Payment Methods: We've broadened payment options to include WeChat Pay, Link, Cash App Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay - providing a wide range of choices to manage payments effortlessly.

You can check and update your plan details and billing here on dashboard.