Credit and Rate Limits
What are rate limits and how do they work?

Free plans

All free plans have an unlimited number of requests. They also have all the same features as our paid plans.
The only limitation of the Tatum Free plan is that you can perform a maximum of 5 requests per second (rq/s).

Paid plans

Paid plans work on a credit system. Each API request consumes a specific number of credits. This is generally between 1 and 4 credits per request. Please refer to our API documentation to see how many credits each API consumes.
For a full breakdown of our plans and the number of credits per month for each plan, please visit our pricing page.
All of our paid plans feature a rate limit of 200 API requests per second.
This is really A LOT. To put it in perspective, 200 rq/s is enough for the vast majority of blockchain apps and even enterprise solutions to function at full capacity.
With a Custom plan, you can get more credits per month and more requests per second, depending on your requirements. We currently have projects running as many as 25,000 rq/s with no issues. If you're interested in a Custom plan, please contact our sales.
Unused credits do not transfer to the following month. If you run out of credits, you must upgrade your plan. We do not currently support credit top-ups.
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