How to use it

// yarn add @tatumio/tatum

import { TatumSDK, BitcoinCash, Network } from '@tatumio/tatum'

const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<BitcoinCash>({network: Network.BITCOIN_CASH})

const result = await tatum.rpc.sendRawTransaction("02000000013412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab0000000000fdffffff0140420f00000000001976a91462e907b15cbf27d5425399ebf6f0fb50ebb88f1888ac00000000")

await tatum.destroy() // Destroy Tatum SDK - needed for stopping background jobs


The sendrawtransaction method submits a serialized raw transaction to the network. If the transaction is well-formed and valid, it will be propagated to the network and included in a mined block.

This method is commonly used in conjunction with createrawtransaction, or other methods to construct and sign raw transactions before broadcasting them.


The sendrawtransaction method accepts the following parameters:

  • hexstring: A string representing the serialized raw transaction in hexadecimal format.

Return Object

The sendrawtransaction method returns a string containing the transaction ID (txid) of the broadcasted transaction.

JSON Examples

Request example:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": 1,
  "method": "sendrawtransaction",
  "params": ["02000000013412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab3412cdab0000000000fdffffff0140420f00000000001976a91462e907b15cbf27d5425399ebf6f0fb50ebb88f1888ac00000000"]

Response example:

  "result": "c7ad51e46a39d136adc2bb7536a236136cc206ab3c8dabcd4277d4cadcf674f2",
  "error": null,
  "id": 1


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