How to use it

// Import required libraries and modules from Tatum SDK
import { TatumSDK, Stellar, Network } from "@tatumio/tatum";

// Initialize the Tatum SDK for Stellar
const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<Stellar>({ network: Network.STELLAR });

// Replace 'YOUR_LIQUIDITY_POOL_ID' with the actual Liquidity Pool ID
const liquidityPoolId = "YOUR_LIQUIDITY_POOL_ID";

// Retrieve information about a specific liquidity pool
const liquidityPool = await tatum.rpc.getLiquidityPool(liquidityPoolId);

// Always destroy the Tatum SDK instance when done to stop any background processes
await tatum.destroy();


The getLiquidityPool method allows you to retrieve information about a specific liquidity pool on the Stellar blockchain.

Example use cases:

  1. Liquidity Pool Analysis: Developers and applications can use this method to analyze and retrieve detailed information about a specific liquidity pool.

  2. Liquidity Pool Management: Platform administrators can access information about a liquidity pool for management purposes.

  3. Liquidity Pool Exploration: Researchers and analysts can explore and study the characteristics of individual liquidity pools.

Request Parameters

The getLiquidityPool method requires the following parameter:

  • liquidityPoolId (string): The unique identifier of the liquidity pool you want to retrieve information about.

Return Object

The getLiquidityPool method returns an object containing detailed information about the specified liquidity pool. This information may include the liquidity pool ID, reserve assets, total value, and more.

(Note: The exact fields in the return object might vary based on the Stellar blockchain's implementation and version.)

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
    "transactions": {
      "href": "{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
    "operations": {
      "href": "{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
  "id": "0000a8198b5e25994c1ca5b0556faeb27325ac746296944144e0a7406d501e8a",
  "paging_token": "0000a8198b5e25994c1ca5b0556faeb27325ac746296944144e0a7406d501e8a",
  "fee_bp": 30,
  "type": "constant_product",
  "total_trustlines": "1",
  "total_shares": "5494.2144063",
  "reserves": [
      "asset": "native",
      "amount": "3.5287238"
      "amount": "11669718.3952703"
  "last_modified_ledger": 50744249,
  "last_modified_time": "2024-03-11T13:02:15Z"

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