How to use it

// Import required libraries and modules from Tatum SDK
import { TatumSDK, Stellar, Network } from "@tatumio/tatum";

// Initialize the Tatum SDK for Stellar
const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<Stellar>({ network: Network.STELLAR });

// Define the sequence number of the ledger to retrieve (Replace placeholders with actual values and remove redundant)
const sequenceNumber = "YOUR_SEQUENCE_NUMBER";

// Retrieve information about a specific ledger using its sequence number
const ledgerInfo = await tatum.rpc.getLedger(sequenceNumber);

// Log the ledger information
console.log("Ledger Info:", ledgerInfo);

// Always destroy the Tatum SDK instance when done to stop any background processes
await tatum.destroy();


The getLedger method allows you to retrieve information about a specific ledger on the Stellar blockchain. You can specify the ledger you want to retrieve by providing its sequence number as a parameter.

Request Parameters

The getLedger method requires the following request parameter:

  • sequence (string, required): The sequence number of the ledger you want to retrieve. This uniquely identifies the ledger you're interested in.

Return Object

The getLedger method returns a JSON object containing information about the specified ledger. The returned object includes various properties describing the ledger's characteristics, such as its sequence number, transaction count, and more.

(Note: The exact fields in the return object might vary based on the Stellar blockchain's implementation and version.)

  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
    "transactions": {
      "href": "{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
    "operations": {
      "href": "{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
    "payments": {
      "href": "{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
    "effects": {
      "href": "{?cursor,limit,order}",
      "templated": true
  "id": "377342fc7d2d3e8e8aebcc2bd069cebce97ef59142afcf3834187e27670b69e5",
  "paging_token": "214305588031520768",
  "hash": "377342fc7d2d3e8e8aebcc2bd069cebce97ef59142afcf3834187e27670b69e5",
  "prev_hash": "64b283aa8f123102b27334c9b0b4d0ba7baca635bc0fdee2471762755185fc8d",
  "sequence": 49896908,
  "successful_transaction_count": 122,
  "failed_transaction_count": 16,
  "operation_count": 422,
  "tx_set_operation_count": 444,
  "closed_at": "2024-01-13T08:44:04Z",
  "total_coins": "105443902087.3472865",
  "fee_pool": "4352705.3880757",
  "base_fee_in_stroops": 100,
  "base_reserve_in_stroops": 5000000,
  "max_tx_set_size": 1000,
  "protocol_version": 19,