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How to use it

// yarn add @tatumio/tatum
import { TatumSDK, Solana, Network } from '@tatumio/tatum'
const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<Solana>({ network: Network.SOLANA })
const res = await tatum.rpc.getAccountInfo('ChkH4bTk7c5NSGbxvXx89yY2oU7rFJsr3Cq1gPNCCPVe')
await tatum.destroy() // Destroy Tatum SDK - needed for stopping background jobs


The getAccountInfo RPC method is used to fetch and retrieve specific and detailed information about a particular account on the Solana blockchain. This information includes the current state of the account, its associated data, and the account's current balance.
This method could be used in scenarios where detailed account data is required, for example, to verify transactions, check account balances, or to review the account's history.


The getAccountInfo method accepts two parameters:
  • accountPubkey(string, required): The public key of the account for which information is to be fetched.
    • Example: "ChkH4bTk7c5NSGbxvXx89yY2oU7rFJsr3Cq1gPNCCPVe"
  • options (object, optional): Configuration object containing the following fields:
    • commitment (string, optional): Specifies the confirmation level of data to be fetched.
      • Values: finalized confirmed processed
    • encoding (string, optional): Encoding format for Account data
      • Values: base58 base64 base64+zstd jsonParsed

Return object

The getAccountInfo method returns an object containing the following fields:
  • context: An object containing details about the context in which the account information was fetched.
    • slot: The slot at which the data was fetched.
  • value: An object containing the account's information.
    • owner: The public key of the account's owner.
    • lamports: The account's current balance.
    • data: data associated with the account, either as encoded binary data or JSON format {<program>: <state>} - depending on encoding parameter
    • executable: Whether the account is marked as executable.
    • rentEpoch: The rent epoch value of the account.
    • size: The data size of the account

JSON-RPC Request Example

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": 1,
"method": "getAccountInfo",
"params": [
"commitment": "finalized",
"encoding": "base64"

JSON-RPC Response Example

"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": 1,
"result": {
"context": {
"slot": 123456
"value": {
"owner": "Base58('11111111111111111111111111111111')",
"lamports": 1000000,
"data": "Base64('...')",
"executable": false,
"rentEpoch": 20,
"size": 120
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