How to use it

// Importing Tatum SDK for Beacon Chain
import { TatumSDK, Network, Bnb } from '@tatumio/tatum';

// Initializing SDK for Beacon Chain network
const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<Bnb>({ network: Network.BNB });

// Defining the search parameters
const searchParams = {
  query: 'QUERY_STRING',      // Replace with your query string (Required)
  prove: true,               // Include proofs of transaction inclusion in the block (true/false) (Required)
  page: '1',                   // Page number (1-based) (Optional)
  per_page: '10'               // Number of entries per page (max: 100) (Optional)

// Searching for transactions
const searchResults = await tatum.rpc.txSearch(searchParams);

// Destroy Tatum SDK - needed for stopping background jobs
await tatum.destroy();


The txSearch method is used to search for transactions on the BNB beacon chain that match specific search criteria.


  • query (string, Required): The query string used to search for transactions.

  • prove (boolean, Required): Include proofs of the transaction's inclusion in the block (true/false).

  • page (string number, Optional): Page number for paginating results (1-based).

  • per_page (string number, Optional): Number of entries per page (max: 100).

Return Object

The method returns a JSON-RPC response containing information about the matching transactions. The response includes the following fields:

  • total_count (string, Required): The total count of matching transactions.

    • Example: 2

  • txs (array, Required): An array of transaction objects.

    • Example: [ ]

(Note: The exact structure of the transaction objects and response may vary based on the BNB beacon chain's implementation and version.)

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