How to use it

// Importing Tatum SDK for Beacon Chain
import { TatumSDK, Network, Bnb } from '@tatumio/tatum';

// Initializing SDK for Beacon Chain network
const tatum = await TatumSDK.init<Bnb>({ network: Network.BNB });

// Defining the transaction hash parameter for the query
const txParams = {
  hash: 'YOUR_TRANSACTION_HASH',  // e.g., "0x1234abcd..."

// Fetching transaction information by hash
const txData = await tatum.rpc.tx(txParams);

// Destroy Tatum SDK - needed for stopping background jobs
await tatum.destroy();


The tx method is used to retrieve detailed information about a specific transaction on the BNB Beacon Chain using the transaction's hash.


  • hash (string, required): The hash of the transaction you want to retrieve information about.

Return Object

This method returns an object containing detailed information about the specified transaction, including the transaction's hash, block height, and other relevant data.

(Note: The exact fields in the return object might vary based on the BNB Beacon Chain's implementation and version.)

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